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March 26, 2010

How to Improve Your SuperHero Skills

No one likes to be typecast, but the fact is, most super teams tend to pick up the following types of characters. Knowing who you are and what you can bring to a team is a key prt of personal growth. Please read on...

The strong hero: This character is super-strong and super-tough. Most teams have several strong heroes. In the Justice League, DC's premiere superhero team, the strong heroes are Superman and Wonder Woman.

The clever hero: Strategist defines this character as he figures out how to disrupt the villain's plans. Again, the Justice League provides the best example with Batman. Not only does he find the best way to beat the bad guys, but he's even devised plans to take down his fellow teammates if they were to go crazy.

The energy hero: With an inner energy that can be channeled into powerful blasts, this hero is a supervillain's greatest threat because he can attack from a distance. Probably the best example of this is the X-Men's Storm, who controls the weather and blasts her foes with lightning bolts.

The quick hero: His goal is to beat his opponents before they even know he’s there; such tactics usually involve having super speed or teleportation abilities. The Flash of the Justice League, who can run faster than the speed of light, is a prime example.

The tech hero: This character is either a robot or relies on technology. In the Marvel Comics series, The Avengers, this role falls to Iron Man, who wears a suit of high-tech armor.

The psychic/mystic hero: Some of these characters have abilities derived from the arcane arts. Others have psychic talents that allow them to get in the heads of their opponents. Collectively, the psychic/mystic hero is a character who uses his mind to fight. In the X-Men, Jean Grey, with her  mind-over-matter telekinetic abilities, is one that no supervillain in his right mind would mess with.

The weird hero: Bizarre powers, along with a strange sense of humor, set the weird hero apart from the rest. In the Justice League, the whacky, shape-shifting, super-stretching Plastic Man takes on that role.

The mean hero: Having the right attitude is key when you're in a desperate battle, and the mean hero cuts all the corners he can to take down his foes. There's no one better to illustrate this point than the X-Men's claw-handed berserker, Wolverine.

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