Experts' Corner

January 26, 2010

How to locate a good secret headquarters in a down real estate market.

by: Green Lantern

As we all know, every SuperHero needs a headquarters or a base of operations. These locations are often equipped with state-of-the-art, highly-advanced or alien technologies, and they are usually disguised and/or in secret locations to as to avoid being detected by enemies, or by the general public.The fact that most locations need to be a secret pretty much rules out working with your local Coldwell Banker agent. Factor in the current housing crisis, the credit crunch and the fact that most of have very low paying day jobs as cover,  and let's face it--finding an affordable hideaway is tough. Some bases, such as the Baxter Building, are known of by the public (even though their precise location may remain secret). Many heroes and villains may opt for mobile base of operations. Mobile bases are way cool but fuel costs and alternate side of the street parking regulations make moving a spaceship worth of gadgets around all the time a real burden. All of that said, there are ways to get it done. Begin with a well thought out list of what you need from a secret hideaway. Your base can serve a variety of functions.

  • a safehouse, where the heroes can conceal themselves from their enemies.
  • a laboratory, for experiments and scientific study.
  • a research library, covering a variety of topics from science, to history, to criminal profiling.
  • an armory, for weapons design, construction and storage.
  • a garage/hangar/dock.
  • a communications center.
  • a weapons platform, for defense of the facility (these are more common to supervillains).
  • a trophy room, where mementos of significant battles and adventures are displayed.
  • a common area, for social activity (typically for larger teams, such as the Justice League or the Avengers).
  • A big-ass flat screen TV

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