Experts' Corner

January 30, 2010

Is your Child Super Too? A Parents' Guide

by: Liberty Belle

Before you rush out and enroll little Earthquake or FlashMuffin into the G&T program at the local elementary school, be sure he or she is in fact Super.  Superheroes are informally organized into categories or archetypes. Here's a quick guide to help you figure out exactly where your child fits in on the playground:

These categories often overlap. For instance, Batman is both a skilled martial artist and gadgeteer and Hellboy has the strength and durability of a brick and some mystic abilities or powers, similar to a mage. Wolverine also fits into a healing category. Very powerful characters, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Dr. Manhattan and the Silver Surfer can be listed in many categories, and are sometimes in a category all their own.As a parent, the best thing you can do is provide encouragement, cross your fingers and hope your little ones use their powers (whatever those powers may be) for good.

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