Member Benefits

IFOSH Spouses
A member’s spouse is encouraged to share in the IFOSH experience. Spouses have their own access to MyIFOSH, the organization's,  private Website, to research upcoming educational events for members and families, stay informed, and connect with other IFOSH spouses around the world. Spouses fill out their own online profiles and receive personalized content based on their interests.

Just as IFOSH members gain from their Forum participation, spouses are eligible to participate in a Spouse Forum. Spouse Forums provide an opportunity to connect with IFOSH spouses in a confidential environment, using IFOSH’s Forum protocols.

Youth and Family

At Chapter, Regional and International family events, IFOSH families take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities around the world. IFOSH is able to connect families to once-in-a-lifetime experiences that deliver life-changing results. IFOSH parents and children enhance their relationship as they master parenting, communication, team-building and listening skills as well as identify common values and share ideas with respect and trust.

At IFOSH youth-only events, IFOSH children of all ages develop friendships with peers from around the globe and begin to realize the value of their parents’ connection to the most influential network in the world. World political figures, sports legends, leading authorities in business and experts in youth programming facilitate discussions that help IFOSH youth develop into future global leaders. Youth expand their knowledge about themselves and the world around them through hands-on learning adventures around the world.