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No one said it's easy being a Super Hero. And no on e understands that better than IFOSH. No matter what challenges or opportunities you face, IFOSH can help you get to the next level. Here are just a few examples...

I need to find other people like me; those who understand what it's like to not be like other people.

  • Looking for your own personal board of advisors? Let us introduce you to IFOSH Forums.
  • Need local insights and connections? Your local IFOSH chapter is waiting.

I need to solve business or personal challenges I haven't faced before. I'm walking in the dark here.

  • Have to find a quick answer? Tap into the experience of 1,200 super peers via Member Exchange.
  • Facing medical or personal challenges? Access the world's best health care and counseling through the Healthnetwork Foundation.
  • Need to speak to someone who has been in your shoes? Receive an experienced perspective from a trusted personal mentor.
  • Want to spend more time on the fundamentals of business? Attend customized learning programs from the world's top business schools.

I need to expand my network, get out there and meet people who can help me grow.

  • Want to network on a global scale? Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences and networking opportunities at IFOSH's popular Global Events.
  • Need to connect with like-minded Super Heroes anywhere in the world? Access our exclusive global community through our Website.