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  • Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence)

    Quickstart Enterprises

    2000 Spruce Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

    Personal Profile:

    Liberty Belle is unique among superheroes in that her superpower comes from her patriotism: one day, when she was visiting the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, a guard chimed it at the exact same frequency that a replica version in Belle's pocket was ringing. This caused her to gain more speed, strength, and stamina, as well as the ability to send powerful sonic pulses. Throughout World War II, Belle worked with other members of the All-Star Squadron to stop various Nazi saboteurs from destroying the Allied war effort. Belle was an important part of the Office of Strategic Services and its transition after the war to the Central Intelligence Agency, for which she still works.

    Company Profile:

    Quickstart Enterprises is a media company and a TV channel founded by former (and now deceased) newsreel and television producer Johnny Chambers (also known as the 1940s super-hero Johnny Quick). The company is now managed by Johnny's daughter Jesse, the current CEO, and appears to have branched out into other areas, including the manufacture of cellular phones.

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